The Doll's House Projects


An attempt to create a discourse about the function of images and their construction. The spectator is encouraged to engage with the materiality of the image. In doing so, the definition of 'reality' is challenged.

The Dolls' House projects have had a long gestation. The same dolls' house has been used over many years, featured in photographs, installations and paintings. The house was left outdoors for about a year and in its final dilapidated used for a series of photographs.

Those photographs reveal the decay of its interior. Something resurrects in it or is taken over by nature's ecological process and with a deliberate use of colour Suzanne emphasises beauty in that process.

By changing the given aspects of space in general, the spectator experiences a different relationship to both the images and the house. In a sense the whole experience becomes a sum of its parts. Out of decomposition has come composition.