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artist's statement

Suzanne works with a variety of media, and material. She creates installations and photographic structures that explore interior space. Using shape and colour, their relationship to each other, she encourages the spectator to react viscerally and intuitively to the final work. Recent work concentrates on photography and installation. She describes her technique as 'painting with light'.

The central theme of Suzanne’s work is decomposition and re-use. Using familiar objects when the object is decontextualised into a new form within the finished artwork, the association of memory becomes disrupted and articulates a new perspective on the familiar.

The objects are often associated with stories of their histories. They gain their own narrative. These hold a human value in terms of the relationship of the spectator with the piece. It might have associations with a particular time and place and gives a different ‘weight’ to the importance of that object. Working with found objects Suzanne emphasises their decay and beauty by using synthetically coloured plexiglass.

Re-use, for Suzanne, means reconstituting the object into a new form, triggering a new sense of inquiry, both for the artist and the spectator.


2019  Curated Exhibition - Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling ', Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Oslo Plads, 1 Copenhagen, Denmark. Photographs - 'Interiors'.
2019  'Afgangs og akademiudstilling 2019', Aarhus Kunstakademie, Denmark.
2018  Curated Exhibition 'Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling 2018', Janusbygning, Tirstrup, Denmark. Photography.
Also featured in Kunstavisen's review of the exhibition.
2017  Curated Exhibition 'Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling 2017', Janusbygning, Tirstrup, Denmark. 'Fragments' and Art book.
2013  Solo exhibition, 'Vor Frue Kirke', Aarhus Festival - 'Silence`s Longing', installation.
2013  Curated exhibition -  Kunstforeningen Limfjorden Staged photography in a specially designed book in plywood.
2013  Group exhibition - Galleri Rist, Hurgharda in Egypt.  'The Fragile Life', staged photography in a designed book of wood.
2013  Student exhibition , Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts - 'Silence`s Longing', installation, staged photography in a designed book of wood.
2008- 2012 Diverse exhibitions
Student exhibition, Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts -  'Huset på Vrangen', installation and painting.
Art at Musicon, Roskilde - 'Kabaen', installation and photographs.
Art at Musicon - Paintings and photographs.
Art at Musicon - 'The  Bird House,' light installation with plexiglass and staged photographs.
Holbæk Kunsthøjskole  -  'Freedom of Expression is Great',  textwork.
Holbæk Kunsthøjskole - 'A Farmer's Life'.
Galleri Stokholm - Portrait paintings.
Galleri Stokholm - Paintings and photographs.
Hotel Scandia in Copenhagen - Exhibition in collaboration with Støt Brysterne, sponsored by Amorene.

OTHER WORK 2008-present

2011 Own design 'Wooden Book Room Divider'.
2011 Co-operation with Roskilde Municipality's Cultural Bus Workshop as part of theme days: 'Our School' at Østervangsskolen.
2009-2011 Board member and initiator - 'Kunst på Musicon', Roskilde, Denmark - Exhibition Manager with special focus on young artists
2008-2011 Gallery owner -  'Galleri Stokholm, Holbæk', Denmark.   Exhibition and sale of own and others' works.  Sale of arts and crafts materials. Promoted collaboration with Hotel Strandparken, Holbæk and Viggo Rivad, photographer. 
Collaboration with Holbæk Kunsthøjskole - student exhibitions.
Collaboration with students from RUC resulted in in the report: 'Art in Holbæk'.
Collaboration with Holbæk Kunsthøjskole - Street Art Event.
2008-2011 Teacher at Gallery Stokholm, Holbæk - various courses in painting for young people and adults.


2013 to present 
Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts. (4 year education)

1984 - 1987
Volunteer teacher of children using art as a specialty. Until 1999, worked as a teacher with Reggio Emilia pedagogy.

COURSES 2007-2012

Holbæk Kunsthøjskole:
Painting Courses with Peter Carlsen, Pirre Beskow, Malou Vangsgaard, Jesper Palm, Peter Land and Al Masson.
Portrait with Thomas Frisholm.
Collage and Installation with Mette Kit Jensen.
Text Works.
Art History, sculpture and installation with Nanna Gro Henningsen.
Architecture and installation with Bureau Detours.
Sculpture and installation with Nanna Gro Henningsen.
Photography with Astrid Kruse.

Thorstedlund Kunsthøjskole

Painting, chromatology and photoshop .